COVID-19 Update


Active Connect's priority throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic has been the safety and welfare of its staff and customers. As we slowly return to normality we will look to continue with our efforts to stop the spread of this virus and maintain our key values of Quality, Service and Reliability.
All Active Connect employees have been trained and prepared to work during these challenging times and will continue to abide by all government guidelines relating to social distancing and personal hygiene.
Rest assured that we will continue to operate throughout this easing of the lockdown period and we will, where necessary, implement any additional requirements you may have on your sites or projects to ensure full compliance.

On top of government guidelines our employees are instructed to observe the following protocols:

Travel to Work:
- The interior and door handles should be cleaned regularly
- Clean hands with sanitiser after refuelling vehicle
- Wash your clothes regularly
- Use a face covering in shops and internal areas when 2-metre separation cannot be
- Body temperature reading must be logged before every journey when more than one person is in a vehicle.

Construction Works:
- Use a face covering in shops and internal areas when 2-metre separation cannot be guaranteed:
- Do not share tools and equipment. Always wipe down with disinfectant wipes before and after use.
- All tasks need to be completed whilst maintaining the 2-metre distancing requirement, or to use 1-metre plus mitigation
- If a task requires you to be closer than 2-metres to another person and no suitable mitigation measures are possible, then the task should be postponed until a further
specific risk assessment is completed

Site / Office Facilities:
- You should bring your own food and eat within your vehicle
- You should wash or sanitise your hands before and after entering or leaving the site, shop building or any welfare facilities.
- Body temperature readings must be logged for all visitors and staff entering the office.
- Do not share equipment or workstations.

3-Rules to Save Lives
- KEEP a 2-Metre Separation or use 1-metre plus mitigation measures at all times
- INCREASE personal hygiene, wash your hands
- STAY at home, if you experience any symptoms


COVID-19 Update