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As well as working with BP Pulse installing Ultra-Fast 150kW EV Chargers across their public charging network, Active Connect are also registered with OLEV to install Home and Workplace EV Chargers and are approved installers for Andersen, Pod Point and Rolec.

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The Future Is Here
Electric vehicle charging points now outnumber traditional petrol stations. There are now nearly ten thousand EV charging locations across the UK, including over a thousand installed in the last year by Transport for London alone. Electric vehicles have entered the mainstream - they are no longer a futuristic gimmick, but a viable means of transport for thousands of drivers.
Part of their success has been the development of infrastructure. The days when EV drivers constantly worried about running out of power far away from a charging point are now over. Charging points aren't just more widespread, but have become far more powerful and efficient, providing 80% of charge in 20 minutes. Many of these are funded by grants from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).
At Active Connect, we are part of this revolution, offering a range of EV charging services and back office support.

Residential Charge Points
The most convenient way to charge your EV is at home, perhaps overnight. Most can be charged directly from the standard mains supply using a standard three-pin socket, although this is often slow, taking anything from six to as long as twelve hours. A home charging point can be fitted by a trained electrician, in the form of a wall box. On average, this can cut down the charging time by half, as it works more efficiently.
Both of these options, however, are limited to those who have their own driveway, or other off-street parking. The solution is clear - on-street charge points are provided by many local authorities, making EV ownership much more accessible. This is especially important for urban areas, where problems with air quality and emissions make low-emission EVs a key investment for the future.

Fleet Charge Points and Workplace Charge Points
Businesses can also take advantage of government support for EV charge points. The Workplace Charging Scheme provides grants to contribute to purchase and installation of charge points. For businesses, this offers an extra encouragement to commuters or those whose jobs require frequent travel. It is also a highly efficient solution for couriers, delivery companies, taxis and minicabs, and other firms which operate their own vehicle fleet. Charging points can be adapted to suit multiple vehicle types and charging inputs, or can have a single charge connector type when all EVs in a fleet are of the same model.

Public Charge Points
These are probably the biggest recent success story in EV, making it possible for members of the public to charge their EV in places such as motorway service stations, retail parks, or supermarket car parks. Often, these are high-powered units, providing a significant charge in a relatively short space of time.

Monitoring, Testing, and Support
No matter what type of charge point, regular maintenance is needed to ensure everything is working well. Testing equipment, such as the EV ChargeCheck manufactured by our partners, Rolec, allows fast and accurate check of any EV charging station. We also offer a back office system to monitor the charge point and provide data on the usage. This can include options such as key fob operation, app operation, fault detection, access restriction, and much more.

Active Connect is registered with OLEV as an approved installer.

For more information on our electrical vehicle charging infrastructure contact us directly on 0845 873 8444.

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